Thursday, January 22, 2009

We Are Inspiring!!!!

We won! We won! That's right--Historiann has bestowed us with a 2009 Inspiration Award! It is good to know that this blog is inspiring someone!

As part of the award, I need to call your attention to 5-7 other blogs that have provided some inspiring reading of late. Here goes:

Religion and American History: I am proud to be RAH's first "contributing editor." I thus owe whatever blogging career I have to Paul Harvey, the blogmeister or all blogmeisters! If you are interested in the intersection of religion and American history you must read this award-winning blog. Harvey has assembled a formidable group of scholars in American religious history.

Historiann: Let me return the favor. Historiann pulls no punches when it comes to gender politics, the profession, and early American history. She has a very active group of correspondents and regular posters who keep the conversation moving. My daughters like her posts on dolls.

American Creation: Was America founded as a Christian nation? American Creation has become a one-stop shop for the study of religion and the revolutionary era.

Bald Blogging: Phil, a University of Houston graduate student and high school history teacher offers insights at the intersection of religion, history, and African-American studies. Check out his series of posts on "Christmas with DuBois." I only wish he would blog more!

Boston 1775: J.L. Bell offers a morning devotional in revolutionary-era Boston history.

Jesus Creed: Theologian Scot McKnight on all things evangelical.

OK--If you choose to accept this award:
  • Please put the logo of the award (left) on your blog if you can make it work with your format.

  • Link to the person from whom you received the award.

  • Nominate 5-7 other blogs.

  • Put the links of those blogs on your blog.


Brad Hart said...

Thanks for the parise, Dr. Fea! And yes, your blog IS inspiring. I check it daily.

Paul Harvey said...

Thanks John -- coming right back at you in a few days when I can put up a post of inspirational links.

Brad Hart said...

Where's the logo for the award that you mention in this post?

John Fea said...

It's the picture of the Victorian lady.

historiann said...

That's no Victorian lady--that's (supposedly) Marie Antoinette (or so said Squatdratomagico.)

John Fea said...

I guess I was so overwhelmed by the award that I failed to look closely at the image. Bad historian...bad!