Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The SLOP Bucket

A librarian at the State Library of Pennsylvania has started a blog called "Our Slop Bucket." Here is what the blog title means:

"SLOP" as in State Library Of Pennsylvania
"Bucket" as in 'a place to dump stuff about us getting dumped'

This blog is the place to go for editorials and media coverage related to Ed Rendell's backward decision to cut the library's budget in half and furlough 50 of 57 employees.

I have blogged on this before and will blog on it again real soon. Unfortunately, historical and cultural institutions are often the first to go during times of economic crises. This is a shame, since during difficult times these kinds of institutions remind us of who we are as a people. Our shared past offers a source of strength and communal identity in times of trial.

Let's hope Rendell might reconsider these cuts.

Attention all of my Pennsylvania readers: Let's make some noise.