Saturday, January 9, 2010

AHA in the Blogosphere: Day Two

News from the AHA is trickling in across the blogosphere. Here is some stuff I have been able to dig up today.

Don't forget to read the informative reports from The Way of Improvement Leads Home's correspondent, "The Wolfe's Tone."

Historiann's correspondent Classy Claude has finally weighed in. He has some reflections on the anti-Proposition 8 protesters, the reception with the best food and drink, and a panel on women's history.

This morning C. Vann Winchell was bored, but now he is "pissed off" about the broken urinals in the Manchester Hyatt.

AHA Today already has up its "Saturday Overview."

David Walsh at HNN continues his stellar reporting, including some videos of a few well-attended sessions.