Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things on-line that caught my attention this week:

Does technology diminish education?

Is the Internet making us stupid? No, says Steven Pinker.

Historian's for Kagan.

George Washington's REAL prayer book.

Are there too many heritage months to keep up with?

Heather Cox Richardson on historical contingency.

Has Maradona matured?

Goodbye Ford Mercury. Goodbye American middle-class?

The biggest ideas shaping America right now.

What kinds of flags are the tea-partiers waving?

The Left-Center divide in the Democratic Party.

Thomas Kidd on Muslim conversion stories and the fate of a Liberty University dean.

Goodbye Dr. Demento. "Fishheads" and"Rubber Biscuit" will never be the same.

The moral complexity of the villains in the original Karate Kid.

Newspapers and book reviews.

Best used bookstores in Boston.


Devin said...

Nice tip on the Boston bookstores, John. Katie and I are headed there next week for our honeymoon, so I'll definitely be tracking down a few of those. Thanks!

John Fea said...

Glad to be of service Devin. And congrats on getting married. Enjoy Boston.

Majid Ali said...

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Daily Talk Blog said...

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