Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Yawn Outside

This Cornell professor has some issues:

From Inside Higher Ed:

The viral higher ed video of Tuesday was one of Mark P. Talbert, a lecturer in Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration, exploding at his class after someone yawned loudly.

The video -- which appears with mocking comments about the professor all over the Web -- shows Talbert giving a lecture in a business computing course, and then hearing something not audible on the video. He asks that the person who made the noise, which he later identifies as loud yawning, apologize, and asks other students to report on who made the noise. A student suggests that someone in the back of the room made the noise, but Talbert is dubious. He tells the students that "my bad side is as bad as my pleasant side is pleasant," that he is sick of "overly loud yawns" and that if someone needs to make such a yawn, he or she should "get up and walk the hell out. Yawn outside." (A remix with music is also available.)

A spokeswoman for Cornell said that "we're sorry to see a class disrupted and we're looking into what actually happened," and that the university could say nothing more for now. Talbert did not respond to an e-mail message. While many professors have expressed concerns about students filming them with cellphone cameras, the video of Talbert appears to have come from a lecture capture system used to record the course. Before the incident, Talbert seems at times frustrated with students' wrong answers on a recent prelim, but he also gives out small prizes to students who get correct answers on questions he asks during the lecture.