Monday, August 29, 2011

Pew Study on Online Education

The Pew Research Center has just released its recent study, "Digital Revolution and Higher Education."  Here are some of the findings:
  • 29% of the American public believe that online courses "offer equal value compared with courses taken in the classroom."
  • 51% of college presidents "say online courses provide the same value" compared with courses taken in the classroom.
  • 77% of college presidents "report that their institutions now offer online courses."
  • 89% of public colleges and universities offer online classes, but only 60% of private four-year schools offer online classes.
  • Nearly 25% of four-year college graduates have taken a course online.  Of those students, 39% believe there online course had the same "educational value" as a course taken in the classroom.
Why do more college and university presidents believe that online education is comparable to traditional classroom courses than students who take online courses? Any thoughts?

Here is another interesting finding related to mission:

College presidents’ beliefs about the mission of higher education are linked to their views and experiences with online learning. Among those who believe the most important role college plays is to prepare students for the working world, 59% say online classes provide the same educational value as in-person classes. Among presidents who say the role of college is to promote personal and intellectual growth, only 43% say online learning offers an equal value.