Saturday, February 18, 2012

David McCullough's Writing Shed

Shedworking blog is running a post on David McCullough's backyard writing shed.

Here is a description of the shed from an interview McCullough did in The Paris Review.

Nothing good was ever written in a large room,” David McCullough says, and so his own office has been reduced to a windowed shed in the backyard of his Martha’s Vineyard home. Known as “the bookshop,” the shed does not have a telephone or running water. Its primary contents are a Royal typewriter, a green banker’s lamp, and a desk, which McCullough keeps control over by “flushing out” the loose papers after each chapter is finished. The view from inside the bookshop is of a sagging barn surrounded by pasture. To keep from being startled, McCullough asks his family members to whistle as they approach the shed where he is writing.

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Angelia Phillips said...

Thanks for this! It's interesting!

I'm still sticking with my plans for an RV that I can drive to wherever I feel is the perfect place to be writing, depending on what literature project I'm working on.

This place sounds incredibly cozy and nearly distraction-free. But, cool as it is, I'd still be in need of a kitchenette so I could keep the coffee flowing (I loveeee coffee!), and a bathroom ... because of the coffee, lol!

Differences in preferences aside, great little article!