Monday, February 27, 2012

George W. Bush Was a Flaming Liberal

One name has been been notoriously absent from the GOP primary season: George W. Bush.

Why have Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, and Paul not mentioned the last GOP president?  Probably because Bush's views look quite liberal when compared to the things that these candidates are spouting forth.  (Please note:  I am NOT saying that Bush is a liberal.  I am saying he LOOKS quite liberal compared to the GOP candidates).

Recently Santorum and Romney have argued against No Child Left Behind.  Both men think it is an awful idea and are doing everything they can to separate from it.  (Santorum even voted for it).  Bush, of course, is the president who put this policy into place.

Both Santorum and Romney are opposed to government bailouts.  Bush, of course, is responsible for these bailouts.  In fact, he and Obama basically saved the auto industry through these bailouts.

Bush had a liberal immigration plan that allowed undocumented workers a path to citizenship without having to turn home.  Santorum and Romney want to build walls.

Bush was known for his massive public spending.  The GOP candidates want to scale back active government.

Interesting.  Bush looks better and better everyday.