Thursday, April 12, 2012

A Wake Forest Model of Career Development?

This Rethinking Success conference is being hosted by Wake Forest University.  I am hearing a lot about the way that Wake president Nathan Hatch, and VP for Career Development Andy Chan, are innovators in this field.  Is there a "Wake Forest model" of career development?

Hatch has decided to invest time, money, and resources into career development at Wake Forest.  The director of the career center at Wake is a Vice-President.  I imagine that he has a very large staff.  The college has just built a building on campus devoted to career development. The Career Center is at the heart of Hatch's vision for Wake Forest.

I am hearing a lot about the way that career centers must connect with campus faculty and earn their trust.  I think this is happening at Messiah College under leadership of Christy Hanson.  Christy has worked with the School of Humanities to develop career pamphlets that guide humanities students through their four year experience at Messiah. But Christy needs more resources and staff. What would it take to develop a more vibrant and energetic working relationship between humanities professors and career centers?  I think deans and department chairs are key. The implications for growing humanities majors are great.