Friday, May 11, 2012

Thank Your History Teachers!

Two things prompted the title of my post.  The first was a conversation I had with my fourteen-year old daughter yesterday.  The topic was the causes of the Civil War.  I was so deeply impressed with the way history and historical thinking has seeped into her way of seeing the world.  I have always worried that my kids would not have an appreciation for the study of the past because they would be sick of hearing their Dad talk about it all the time.  That is why I am thankful Mrs. Rosensteel who, from all reports, is an excellent eighth-grade history teacher.  My daughter is not only learning the facts, but she is learning the kind of virtues that come with thinking like a historian, reading primary sources, and learning to empathize with people who lived in the past (and the present).

The second thing that prompted this post was the fact that this week is "Teacher Appreciation Week."  AHA Today has put together some nice links about teaching and history education and also urges us all to thank our teachers--both past and present.

So let me begin:  Thanks Mr. Lucibello (my AP U.S. history teacher) for helping to cultivate my love of history!  Feel free to do the same in the comments section or on Facebook!