Friday, October 12, 2012

How to Advertise a Liberal Arts College

Peter Lawler, Professor of Government at Berry College, has some thoughts on this issue at Big Think.  He is reacting to a recent piece in Inside Higher Ed entitled "Disappearing Liberal Arts Colleges."   Lawler writes:

The article correctly concludes that those in charge of the so-called and the real liberal arts colleges ought to think harder about how to follow the higher road—to keep both their liberal arts brand and their liberal arts substance.

But the article is wrong that they can do so by spouting drivel about analytical and critical thinking.  They need to recover the insight—still present in some of our religious and more traditional colleges—that a liberal arts education is all about figuring out who you and what your're suppose to do as a relational being born to love and and die—not to mention to be open to the truth about all things.

For one thing, making money is easy, knowing what to do with it is hard.  And you don't know spit unless you know why you should practice the classical virtue of generosity and the Christian virtue of charity.

Food for thought, especially for college administrators and admissions staff.