Tuesday, October 30, 2012

New Springsteen Biography

Last week I ordered a copy of Marc Dolan's Bruce Springsteen and the Promise of Rock 'n' Roll.  I hope to read this book and blog a bit about it.

But thanks to Stan Goldstein recent post at The Star Ledger, I am now also looking forward to reading Peter Ames Carlin's Bruce.  (I actually perused it a bit the other night at my local Barnes & Noble). Goldstein is a Springsteen mega-fan, so when he calls Bruce "the best Bruce Springsteen biography I've ever read," I believe him.  Here is a taste of Goldstein's review of Carlin's biography:

The result is 494 pages of the most total Bruce Springsteen story I've read. Even the most diehard fan is going to learn things and hear many inside stories.

There are stories of Bruce's childhood in Freehold and how a traumatic event on McLean Street in 1927 (22 years before he was even born) would become something that would be forever part of his life. For years from the stage, Bruce would tell stories of the battles he had with his father Doug. In "Bruce" Carlin takes us inside those battles and how Bruce's mom, Adele, was the glue that held everything together. Also how father and son always had a deep love for each other and Doug Springsteen was very proud of his son's success.

There are quotes from Bruce's mom, his sisters Ginny (the first time I believe she has ever been quoted in print about her brother) and Pam.

To this day, Bruce's mom is still upset her son didn't attend his Freehold High School graduation in 1967. When Bruce went to get his cap and gown, he was told be would be barred from the ceremony unless he got his shoulder-length hair cut. Bruce then hopped on the bus to New York City but he did come home in time to catch the end of a large house graduation party Adele had planned.