Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Question for Public Historians

Here in the Messiah College History Department we want to strengthen our concentration in public history. At the moment, students who do this concentration are required to take a full history major (39 hours), including an upper-level course in public history, three courses in American history, and a 4-9 credit internship.

We are thinking seriously about adding some non-history courses to the concentration. Students would receive a menu of courses offered outside the history department and be required to take one or two (or more?) of them. This menu might include courses in:
  • GIS
  • Web design
  • Museum studies
  • Digital history or humanities
  • Event planning
  • Photography
  • Documentary film-making
  • Digital media
  • Computer programming
  • Graphic design
What other kinds of courses do you think would be appropriate? What kinds of non-history tools might the undergraduate public historian need in his or her toolbox? Are there any courses on this list that are not useful to the work of a public historian?