Friday, November 30, 2012

Historians on "Lincoln"

Have you seen "Lincoln" yet?  I have not.  Many of my students have. I guess I need to see it.  Here are some thoughts on the movie from people who know a lot more about Lincoln than I do

Louis Masur weighs in on the movie at this podcast from the History News Network. He thinks the general story-line is sound, but there are some small inaccuracies here and there. Masur also thinks the movie fails to address Lincoln's evolution on the issue of emancipation.

Harold Holzer was a consultant for the movie.  He weighs in at The Daily Beast.

Jim Cullen loved the movie and Daniel Day Lewis's performance as Lincoln.

I really like Ira Chernus's thoughtful take on the film.

Eric Foner thinks the film offers a "truncated view" of emancipation and reminds us that the 13th amendment originated with the Women's National Loyal League and not with Lincoln.

While the criticisms of the movie should be taken seriously, I am already beginning to see the impact it is having on ordinary people who do not naturally gravitate to history-related topics. My colleague Cathay Snyder told me today that she is getting requests from students and friends who want to expand their knowledge of Lincoln through further reading.  This is good.