Saturday, November 3, 2012

Would Mitt Romney Use the Book of Mormon to Take His Oath of Office?

No, says Mormon expert (and editor extraordinaire) Jana Riess.  Mitt would probably use the Bible that his father used when sworn-in as Governor of Michigan.

Riess was interviewed as part of a CNN article, "What Would a Mormon White House Look Like?"  Here is a taste:

Should Mitt Romney win the presidency next Tuesday, it will mark an historic first: a Mormon couple moving into the White House.

What would this mean and look like?

Would there be “dry” state dinners, since faithful Mormons don’t do alcohol? Would Secret Service tag along to sacred ceremonies only open to worthy church members? What book would a President Mitt Romney use to take his oath of office?

We can’t be absolutely sure about all the answers. But if the practices and homes of devout Mormons like the Romneys – not to mention his history as governor of Massachusetts – are any indication, we can begin to paint a picture of what a Romney-inhabited White House might look like.

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