Monday, December 17, 2012

Herman Husband

Herman Husband
Ken Owen's excellent post at "The Junto" reminded me once again of Herman Husband.  I remain fascinated by his story because his life intersects with so many of my scholarly interests, especially agrarianism, Quakerism, the American Revolution, evangelicalism, and millennialism.  Last night I read Wythe Holt's essay on Husband in Al Young, Gary Nash, and Ray Raphael's Revolutionary Founders and found it to be a helpful introduction to his life.

I know that William Hogeland, Marjoleine Kars, Terry Bouton, and Woody Holton have all studied Husband, but I am wondering if anyone is working on a biography of him?  Moreover, I am wondering if there is enough material to pull one off.  I guess I will have to head to the interlibrary office and order a copy of Mark Haddon Jones's 1983 Northern Illinois dissertation.


dissertationconsultant said...
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Figment Zenguitar said...

I am working on a biography of him that focuses on analyzing his writing and its historical context. Heading to NC in a week or two (5/20/13). Any knowledge of archival or anecdotal material welcome!