Friday, December 21, 2012

Local: A Quarterly of People and Places

Yesterday I received in the mail the first edition of Local: A Quarterly of People and Places.  The founders of Local have come up with a unique concept--a quarterly magazine that focuses on the stories of one town or community.  The initial offering is devoted to the town of Jersey Shore, Pennsylvania.

I believe in projects like this. I firmly believe that there is dignity and worth in the stories of ordinary people from ordinary towns.  Local covers these people and places brilliantly.  The photography is outstanding and the human interest stories are compelling.

In this particular issue I enjoyed reading a feature on an old pillow factory that has been reclaimed by artists and local businesses.  My friend Jonathan Lauer has a short piece about riding his bicycle.  And there is a really cool two-page photo of a bowling alley.

I encourage you to check out Local.  It reminds us that the "way of improvement" often leads "home."  In an age of digital writing, blogs, and online journalism, it is the kind of publication that you will want to read without electricity or a computer battery.  It feels good in your hands.