Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

Presidential houses

Serendipity and used bookstores

John Turner's book of the year

Charlotte Allen reviews Adam English, The Saint Who Would Be Santa Claus.

A Noah's Ark theme park

David Reynolds reviews John Stauffer and Zoe Todd, The Tribunal: Responses to John Brown and the Harper's Ferry Raid.

Williams College students' historical campaign videos

Joseph Adelman's students react to Spielberg's Lincoln.

Joseph Ellis reviews Kevin Phillips, 1775: A Good Year for Revolution.

Rick Warren's Resurrection

Joyce Appleby reviews Jon Meacham's Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power.

James Srodes reviews James D. Rice, Tales from a Revolution: Bacon's Rebellion and the Transformation of Early America

Montville Township High School (NJ) is a historian factory.

Historians go to battle over Jefferson

What constitutes "evidence" in American religion?

Andrew Hartman on the habits of writing history and on the culture wars