Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Fundamentalist God

From James McGrath at Exploring Our Matrix:

I am glad that fundamentalists are finally being a bit more honest about what they mean by “God.” 

They clearly do not mean an omnipresent being who cannot be excluded from any place. It’s quite a different notion from that encountered on more than one occasion in the Psalms, for instance. The ancient Israelite author never said “Where shall I go to flee from your presence? I know – a public school!” And in the Book of Jonah, the main character’s attempt to flee from the one who he himself says “made the sea and the dry land” on a boat is depicted as a fool’s errand. And could you imagine any ancient Israelite or Christian author taking seriously the notion that God could be kept out of somewhere? 

But even though creating laws that exclude a real and omnipresent God from public school would be utterly futile, there are in fact no such laws in the United States. 

What is excluded is the use of state power and influence to promote religion in general or some sectarian religious dogma in particular. 

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