Thursday, December 13, 2012

"Why Not Write About What 'Lincoln' Does Do Instead of What It Doesn't"

Keith Harris of Cosmic America is angry about the way historians are criticizing Lincoln:

Time to vent. I have no need to name names – you’ve read the reviews and you know who they are. But I swear if I read one more historian’s erudite treatise attacking Spielberg’s Lincoln for not delivering a comprehensive history of the abolition movement I am going to light myself on fire and jump out a window into oncoming traffic. So instead of doing that I think I will take a long winter’s nap. It is an activity far less dangerous and far more interesting. Here’s an idea for all scholars of history, American studies, or anyone else who feels a burning desire to weigh in on this film. Why not write about what Lincoln does do instead of what it doesn’t .
Okay here I go…


Wake me up when this is all over.


So what does Lincoln do well?