Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Den Hartog Reviews "Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?"

Read Jonathan Den Hartog's kind review at the Journal of Church and State.  You can read the entire review here. I offer a taste below:

John Fea’s Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? definitely succeeds in the task it sets for itself: to bring historical scholarship to bear on the contentious and polarized debate over American national origins and in what sense (if any) the founding—itself a problematic concept, as Fea demonstrates—could be considered distinctively Christian. Fea hopes to demonstrate the historical complexity of the debate and show what balanced historical scholarship can say to a wider audience. Fea pitches the book to a general audience and takes full advantage of a conversational tone that could serve as a model for academics attempting to make difficult concepts accessible to the reading public. The book is well deserving of the recognition it has received in multiple academic venues.