Monday, January 7, 2013

No Matter What Tenured Radical Says, I Did Not Start That Fire!

One of the highlights of my weekend at the American Historical Association meeting in New Orleans was the chance I had to talk history blogging with Claire Potter, aka "Tenured Radical."

Today at her Chronicle of Higher Education blog, Tenured Radical offers her take on the weekend. And no, I did not start that fire!!

Here is a taste of her post:

It seemed big, but not that big. No, no: get your dirty mind off the emcee. According to a tweet from AHA Deputy Director Rob Townsend, there were 4,300 people registered for the meeting, which is, as he pointed out, “Terrific for one of the smaller cities in rotation.” I’ll say. Surprisingly, for all those people, there were only 4,486 tweets, and 3,815 unique tweets. Michael Regoli has archived all of our tweets here. John Fea (whose conference roundup, backed up by his blogging team, begins here) was the top tweeter with 335; Sharon Howard was second with 315 (her hotel caught fire, possibly one lit by a determined John Fea who may have had his heart set on being the Twitter King.) Your Favorite Radical came in at number 65. 

It was long, but not that long. I am referring, of course, to Bill Cronon’s presidential address, “Storytelling” (see the HNN video here.) In many ways it was a well-planned culmination to several days of discussion about how historians communicate, both with each other and to a larger public.  This conversation began on Thursday night at the Presidential plenary, where yours truly was the resident “power blogger” (see the New York Times‘ account of the evening’s conversation here. Yes, my name is misspelled, but there is no such thing as bad publicity.)

There were terrific exchanges about about Bill’s address afterwards in less formal locations, and I am looking forward to seeing it in print.