Friday, January 11, 2013

On the Road this Winter

Erwin Hall, Marietta College
I will be busy this winter, but not as insanely busy as last fall.  As usual, if you are in the area, and the event is open to the public, say hello.

On January 22-24 I will be at Marietta College in Marietta, Ohio.  I will be spending some time with the Marietta History Department and doing a lecture based on Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?

I will be heading to Pittsburgh on February 15-17 where I will once again be doing a breakout session at "Jubilee," the annual conference of the CCO.  I will be speaking on the relationship between Christianity and the study of history, with much of the material drawn from my forthcoming, Why Study History: Reflecting on the Importance of the Past.  Speaking of this book, I just saw the cover art yesterday and it looks great.  When Baker gives me the "OK" to share it I will post it to the blog.  One of the highlights of the Jubilee conference is getting to browse the Hearts & Minds booktable.  Byron Borger always has a nice spread.

I will be in a very different venue on February 20.  Jacques Berlinerblau, the author of How to Be Secular: A Call to Arms for Religious Freedom, has invited me to do a plenary session at his Georgetown University conference on secularism in America, France, and Israel.  From what I understand, Jacques will be doing a Q&A with me about the themes I wrote about in Was America Founded as a Christian Nation?

GW Masonic Memorial
From there I will make the short trip to Alexandria, Virginia where I will join my friends Jeffry Morrison and Mary Thompson as speakers at the annual George Washington's birthday celebration at the George Washington Masonic Memorial.  Morrison is the author of The Political Philosophy of George Washington and Thompson has written "In the Hands of Good Providence": Religion in the Life of George Washington.  I will be talking about Washington's religion and the American Revolution.

On March 8-9 I will fly out to Chicagoland where I will be the men's retreat speaker at the First Presbyterian Church of Evanston, IL.  The topic for my series of talks is yet to be decided.  Stay tuned.

The Winter speaking season ends with a lecture on Christian America at the annual meeting of Ye Olde Sulphur Springs Historical Society in York Springs, PA.

1st Presbyterian, Evanston, IL
So there it is.  Apart from teaching colonial America at Messiah College, performing my necessary duties as chair of the History Department, trying to make some headway on some writing projects, and following my daughter's club volleyball team as they travel throughout the mid-Atlantic, I will be hanging out with history professors, Calvinists, Secularists, Masons, and local historians. It should be fun!