Friday, January 18, 2013

The Appendix: A New Journal of Narrative & Experimental History

After basking in an annual meeting of the American Historical Association filled with stories about storytelling and narratives about doing narrative history, I was thrilled to run across The Appendix: A New Journal of Narrative & Experimental History.  The editors and contributors, most of them academics and graduate students, are pushing the boundaries of traditional history writing.  Their inaugural issue, "The End," is worth checking out.

Here is what The Appendix is all about:

The Appendix is a quarterly journal of experimental and narrative history; though at times outlandish, everything in its pages is as true as the sources allow. The Appendix solicits articles from historians, writers, and artists committed to good storytelling, with an eye for the strange and a suspicion of both jargon and traditional narratives. A creature of the web, its format takes advantage of the flexibility of hypertext and modern web presentation techniques to experiment with and explore the process and method of writing history. 

I am a fan!