Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Definitive NFL Fan Map

Or at least that's how SB Nation is pitching it.


1.  How does one explain all the Steelers fans in North and South Carolina and northern Alaska?  What about Hawaii?

2.  The New York Jets are only popular in Manhattan and western Long Island.  I guess that is enough.  (They may actually also have a small pocket of fans in northwest Florida just below the panhandle).

3. Does the Dallas Cowboy fan base really extend into Nevada, Idaho, and half of Virginia?

4.  Why do most football fans in Alaska root for the Packers?

5.  The states that are dominated completely by one team:  Washington (Seahawks), Wyoming (Broncos), Oklahoma (Cowboys), Lousiana (Saints), Minnetota (Vikings), West Virginia (Steelers), Rhode Island (Patriots), Massachusetts (Patriots), Vermont (Patriots), New Hampshire (Patriots), Maine (Patriots), Hawaii (Steelers).


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Carter McNeese said...

Interesting. I would have expected a small, county-wide, support for GB in the area around Kiln, MS (Brett Favre's home town). But maybe now that Favre's no longer a Packer, the area has returned home to the Saints.

Also, if fanaticism was any indication, my little area here in VA would be Steeler yellow. It is the wierdest thing that folks who were born and raised here on the Peninsula are die-hard Steeler fans.