Thursday, January 31, 2013

The "Digital Grad Lounge" is Up and Running

A few weeks ago I called your attention to a history blog for graduate students called "The Digital Grad Lounge."  The masterminds behind this blog are Erin Bartram, a graduate student at the University of Connecticut, and Mary Sanders, a graduate student at Oklahoma State.

If you have not read this blog yet, here are some of things you have been missing:

Erin's reflections on Carl Becker's 1931 AHA presidential address, "Everyman His Own Historian."

Mary's effort at connecting Becker's address to teaching history and historical tours.

Erin's thoughts on teaching, graduate student identity, and the current assault on the humanities.

Mary's post about what it was like to submit her first article for possible publication.

If you are a graduate student in history, want to be a graduate student in history, or want to remember what it was like to be a graduate student in history, then check out The Digital Grad Lounge.