Saturday, January 5, 2013

Tweeting the AHA Awards Ceremony

Before William Cronon delivered his presidential address last night, the AHA gave out their annual awards.  Here are a few of my tweets from the ceremony:

Many more people here tonight than at last night's plenary. Crowd looks a lot older and more established. .

Richard Gilder being honored. One of founders of G-L Institute. I have benefited from his philanthropy and also worked for him

Gilder and Lehrman have collected 60k documents. Now discussing letter from Adams to Jay. Not sure where he is going with this.

What would New Left historians of the late 1960s think about the AHA honoring Gilder? Check out the thread on this one.  Some good exchanges with HNN's David Walsh

E. Natalie Rothman of Toronto-Scarborough is a rock star. She has won two awards for her book Brokering Empire

Sam Wineburg et. al, Reading Like a Historia wins James Harvey Robinson Prize for best teaching aide. Highly recommend!!

Alfred Crosby of Ecological Imperialism fame awarded for scholarly achievement. U of Helsinki historian is acceptance speech.

Henry Worster: Honoree for distinguished career: "In grad school I was asked: "Do you want to study Puritanism or slavery?"

Worster: Trust your graduate advisers and rely on their advice--but only to a degree. Work on what you want to work on.

Worster: After 1st year of grad sch. my adviser told me I was doing well for someone from a regional university in the Midwest.

Peter Onuf--one of the "History Guys" and U of Virginia early Americanist--wins Roelker Mentorship Award. Congrats!