Saturday, January 5, 2013

We Analyze the Top 100 Springsteen Songs of All-Time

Springsteen fans around the world voted and here are the top ten.  See all 100 here.

1.  Thunder Road
2.  Jungleland
3.  Backstreets
4.  Born to Run
5.  Incident on 57th Street
6.  Racing in the Street
7.  Badlands
8.  The River
9.  The Promised Land
10. Rosalita

It is hard to argue with any of these selections.  I would probably move Backstreets, Incident on 57th Street, and Racing in the Street to the #10-20 category and replace them with:

Land of Hope and Dreams
Lost in the Flood
Tenth Avenue Freezeout

Other notes:
  •  The first four songs on the list are all from Born to RunFair enough.  It is a great album.  In fact, every song from Born to Run made the top 100.
  •  The only song from Darkness on the Edge of Town that did not make the list was "Factory."
  • I must admit that I was surprised that "Born to Run" (the song) was not #1, but I have no problem with "Thunder Road" holding down the top stop.  I would probably go with "Born to Run" followed by "Jungleland" and then "Thunder Road."
  • I was also surprised that the following songs finished so low on the list: "Born in the USA" (#34); "Dancing in the Dark" (#61); "E-Street Shuffle (#76); "Hungry Heart (#80); "Blinded by the Light (#95).  With the exception of E-Street Shuffle all of these songs had wide commercial appeal (with "Blinded" getting commercial appeal from the cover by Manfred Mans's Earth Band).  This leads me to believe that a lot of hard-core Springsteen fans participated in this poll.
  • "We Take Care of our Own" did not make the top 100.  (Unless I missed it).  Only "Wrecking Ball" (#73) and "Death to my Hometown" (#82) made it from Wrecking Ball.
  • If I read the list correctly, there were no songs from Working on a Dream included.
  • I am surprised "Lonesome Day" and "Mary's Place" did not make the list.
BTW, I am midway through Peter Carlin's Bruce.  It is excellent.