Wednesday, January 2, 2013

"We've Been to Funerals of Family Members and Haven't Cried This Hard"

A family reacts to the movie Les Miserables.  I hope this doesn't offend anyone, but I just couldn't resist.  This seems like a great family. 

HT: Amy Bass


Joshua Wooden said...

I have a question un-related to this post, although I did watch it and thought it was hilarious, so I shared it on fb. My question is: how do you have that feature of sharing things through fb. I have a blogger account and the most you can do is "like" it, but you can't share it by hitting the button. Is there a special format for that?

John Fea said...

Hi Joshua:

I am not sure I am following you, but I think you are asking about how to link your blog post to you Facebook account. I use Networked Blogs.

Joshua Wooden said...

That is what I was asking, so thank you!