Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What I Learned This Weekend

It has nothing to do with Martin Luther King Day, the inauguration of Barack Obama, the Harbaugh brothers, or virtually anything else of national significance that happened this weekend.  I spent the entire weekend driving back and forth from Mechanicsburg to Lancaster, Pennsylvania to watch my ninth-grade daughter play in a club volleyball tournament.

So here is what I learned (or relearned):

1.  The intensity in which one roots for one of his own children in a sporting event far exceeds the intensity in which one roots for his favorite professional or college sports team.

2.  It is possible for a parent to be more upset about a loss than the daughter who actually played the game.

3. I really like watching girls volleyball.

4.  It is possible to jam hundreds of people into the hallway of a small recreation center without breaking the fire code.

Allyson Fea in action

5. It is possible to get extremely excited about a girl's volleyball game being played to decide 31st place in a tournament of 37 teams.

6. Volleyball referees may be the most anal-retentive people on the face of the planet.

7.  It is probably not a good idea to debut your team's new victory dance in front of the parents of the team that you just beat.

8.  If your daughter's team is eliminated from the tournament at 2:30pm, it is likely that they will need to hang around until 4:30pm because they have been scheduled to help with score keeping and refereeing duties.  There are no exceptions to this rule, as I learned from a disgruntled parent from Long Island who wanted to leave quickly in order to beat New York City traffic.

9.  If the sign on the gym door says "NO FOOD OR DRINK ON THE COURTS" a parent will inevitably spill his Diet Coke on the gym floor as he juggles a bag full of McDonald's burgers and fries for his family who are on the courts watching a match.

10. The team that has five players over six feet tall has a good chance of winning any U-15 volleyball tournament.