Monday, February 18, 2013

Business Professor: Major in the Liberal Arts

Hamilton Nolan's post at The Gawker is a little too uncharitable toward undergraduate business majors for my taste, but it does make sense.  Here is a taste:

Over in Israel, the land of truth, Haaretz reports that Shmuel Ellis—a business professor and administrator at Tel Aviv University—emailed students with a little something called a truth bomb:
Ellis said in his email that the business school recommends undecided undergraduate students choose disciplines like pure sciences, math, economics, psychology, computer science, history, literature, philosophy and architecture.
"Study of academic disciplines prepares students to think scientifically in these fields and form the foundation for advanced studies in graduate degree programs," he said.
Lemme translate this biz-speak for all you non-biz majors out there: "Don't major in business, major in a real field of study instead." What is this guy, Sojourner Truth, Professor of Truth at Truth University? (Learn about who Sojourner Truth was, and what "truth" means, in real majors, like history or philosophy.)
Nevertheless, people continue to major in business. God bless em.