Friday, February 1, 2013

David Barton: Abraham Lincoln Scholar

Glenn Beck and David Barton recently discussed Spielberg's Lincoln.  Barton did not see the movie, but that did not stop him from writing a review of it and criticizing its historical accuracy.

Barton says that the passing of the 13th amendment was a "slam dunk." Actually, it passed pretty easily in the Senate (38 to 6), but in the House of Representatives it barely received the two-thirds majority that it needed to pass.  (It passed 119 to 56).  Thanks to Kyle Mantyla for reminding me of this.

After hearing Barton review a movie he has never seen (and botching the history of the vote), Beck wishes he could "unsee" the movie. 

If this clip does not fill all of your Beck-Barton needs, you can watch them declare Calvin Coolidge to be the greatest 20th century U.S. president and trash Teddy Roosevelt for establishing the National Park System.