Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Help! A High School Student is "Job Shadowing" Me Next Week

Recently a local high school student asked if she could "job shadow" me for a course she is taking on career development.  I said yes, but then I began to worry about what job shadowing a history professor might look like.

I decided to have her come in on a day I was teaching.  At least she could watch a class.  But since I am only teaching one course this semester, I can hardly fill up the entire day with class observations.

I am also a department chair, so I do a lot of non-teaching work in my office.  But the problem is that most of this work is mental work--stuff I do sitting at my desk.  How do I communicate this stuff to the student?

I don't think I have any committee meetings on the day she is coming in, but I imagine that having a job-shadower at a committee meeting would be inappropriate.

I have also decided to have the student observe a filming of the next segment of my virtual office hours.  That should take up another half-hour of the day.

I have some other ideas, but I am really open to suggestions here. I am afraid I am not being creative enough and I want this student to have a good experience.