Thursday, February 14, 2013

Is Garry Wills a Catholic?

Can a Catholic reject the priesthood, the papacy, transubstantiation, and extreme unction?  Garry Wills, author of Why Priests?: A Failed Tradition, thinks so.  He actually sounds like a low-church evangelical here.  (And I almost didn't recognize him without his glasses). Colbert lets him have it.


Gabriel Loiacono said...

I guess I should read Why I Am A Catholic, since I'm left wondering why, indeed, be a Catholic, if you don't believe in the Eucharist, other sacraments, the role of priests and the Pope, etcetera!

Joshua Wooden said...

Thank you! I saw this the other day and I thought the exact same thing! Believing that the pope is just another priest? That's what MARTIN LUTHER believed! Interestingly enough, Luther, Calvin, and even John Wesley believed in transubstantiation, though (somewhat hard to believe). Why be a Catholic, indeed? The subtitle should read: "Why Not Just Be a Protestant?"

Joshua Wooden said...

Oh, pardon the mistake - I had forgotten that the title was "Why Priests" rather than "Why be Catholic." Although, I think that's the book he should've written given his comments on the show.