Thursday, February 7, 2013

Navigating the Academic Job Market

Eunice Williams (a pseudonym, but I am imagining she might be an early Americanist who knows the story of the Williams family as portrayed in John Demos's masterful The Unredeemed Captive) shares her experience on the academic job market at this year's AHA conference.  Here are a few things she has learned:

1.  Do not schedule interviews on the day you are presenting on a panel.

2.  The AHA conference requires willpower--"the will to get off the bed and out of your hotel room even when you're exhausted, to motivate yourself to be 'on' for each of your interviews, to repeat your research points and teaching philosophy using concrete examples, and to juggle the names of departmental research colloquiums and faculty members just long enough to get through the interview...."

3.  Plan your meals.  Interviewees need proper sustenance.

4.  Reward yourself after a day of interviews.

For a full treatment of these points check out Eunice's entire piece.