Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pannapacker: How to Get Liberal-Arts Colleges to Embrace Digital Humanities

Writing at The Chronicle of Higher Education (his usual venue), William Pannapacker offers ten strategies "to help liberal-arts colleges join the digital humanities movement.  Read his entire piece here.  I have listed his points below:

1.  "Stop calling it 'digital humanities.'"

2.  "Show how digital humanities supports the liberal arts."

3.  "Build a support network with like-minded colleagues."

4. "Integrate digital humanities into the curriculum."

5.  "Show how digital techniques support faculty research."

6.  "Celebrate the accomplishments of students and colleagues."

7. "Seek support of the higher-ups."

8.  "Invest in faculty and staff development."

9.  "Seek external partnerships."

10.  "Strive to be a "servant leader."