Saturday, February 2, 2013

RiAH 3.0

In the coming days there will be some changes over at Religion in American History.  It will include a new look and a new schedule of writers.  I will let Paul Harvey, RiAH's chief blogmeister and founder, explain:

The blog has taken some performance-enhancing drugs to help us with this: Kelly will soon roll out our new blog "style" (it's the "Espada" style in blogger, for you techno-geeks out there), which is a style that tries to make blogger look as much like Wordpress as possible. Yes, I know Wordpress is better, but we're too old to change now.

And more importantly, as of today we will be experimenting with a new blog schedule, with most of our contributors on the blogroll making contributions once and month, a few others less frequently, and a few free spirits just randomly posting whenever they feel like it. And we will still have occasional guest posts and the like. The motto for this changeover is: less Paul Harvey, more of everyone else. I figure, if Kobe would learn to pass the ball more, his team would be better, and the same goes for the blog (although Tebow rather than Kobe is probably the better analogy).

 So, if all goes as planned, you can plan for an incredible variety of contributions, and contributors, each month. We still invite interested writers who want to post here to contact us and send us your posts for consideration; many of our contributors here started with a guest post sent randomly to me, and quickly worked their way into the starting lineup.

My name is still listed as a contributor over at Religion in American History, but I rarely post over there.  I am hoping that Paul is including me in the category of "free spirits" who "randomly post whenever they feel like it."

Actually, I like to think of The Way of Improvement Leads Home as a RiAH spinoff.  This blog is The Jeffersons to Paul's All in the Family, the Laverne and Shirley to Paul's Happy Days, the Mama's Family to Paul's Carol Burnett Show, the Frasier to Paul's Cheers, the Knots Landing to Paul's Dallas, The Rhoda to Paul's Mary Tyler Moore Show, The Dr. Phil to Paul's Oprah, and the What's Happening Now? to Paul's What's Happening?