Monday, February 11, 2013

Will Woodland Hills Church Join the Brethren in Christ?

Greg Boyd's megachurch, Woodland Hills Church in St. Paul, MN, is considering joining either the Mennonite USA Church or the Brethren in Christ Church.  The congregation has been studying the tenets of Anabaptism since last May and they seem to be ready to join a historically Anabaptist denomination. 

Boyd has alienated many mainstream evangelicals by disowning conservative politics, attacking the idea that America is a Christian nation, and embracing "Open Theism."

If Boyd decides to join the Brethren in Christ, I think he will find some fellow travelers.  But he will also find a lot of mainstream evangelicals.  If a recent session on the historical identity of the BIC is any indication, it seems as if the denomination is facing a bit of an identity crisis.  Watch it here:

If Woodland Hills does join the Brethren in Christ it will be the only BIC congregation in the state of Minnesota.