Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sunday Night Odds and Ends

A few things online that caught my attention this week:

Elesha Coffman reviews Catherine Brekus's Sarah Osborn's World: The Rise of Evangelical Christianity in Early America

History and National Parks

Mark Mazower reviews David Cannadine, The Undivided Past: History Beyond Our Differences 

Teaching American religious history online

Bookstores and small towns

Al Mohler on the papacy.  And Jim Wallis.

The economic benefits of historic preservation

Michael Dirda reviews Alistar McGrath, C.S. Lewis: A Life.

Twitter and self-promotion

Bill Kauffman on his book Dispatches from the Muckdog Gazette

March Madmen

The Catholic 7/Big East

Tracy Thompson on the South, the Civil War, and slavery

The global Enlightenment

Evangelical radicals