Friday, April 26, 2013

Postmodern Conservatives Analyze "Big Bang Theory"

I don't watch enough television to declare myself a fan of the CBS comedy "Bing Bang Theory," but every time I watch an episode I am entertained.  I have thus been enjoying the analysis of the show over at Postmodern Conservative.  Here is a taste of Peter Lawler's contribution to "Big Bang Studies":

Those who have compared the show to Aristophanes aren’t wrong. But a big difference is that show has almost no civic dimension; these theorists are no danger to America (except when they use government stuff to pursue personal goals). They’re less of a danger than humanities professors, actually. They actually love America for its intellectual freedom, easygoing techno-prosperity, and openness to comic-book adventures. In no other country could they get away with wearing their superhero costumes…

They are (except maybe Raj–a complicated man) ideological secular humanists, but they’re not very evangelical secular humanists. If Sheldon really did return to Texas to teach evolution, things wouldn’t work out well for him (his day as a professor was a pretentious failure), and Leonard’s somewhat uncharacteristic showdown with Penny over astrology was a lesson for him in relational humility.

For more Big Bang Theory analysis from the gang at the Postmodern Conservative click here and here.  The posts are mostly reacting to Ken Masugi's post on the show at The Library of Law and Liberty and Steven Hayward's response at PowerLine.