Thursday, May 9, 2013

Duct Tape Wars

Every Spring during "Reading Day" at Messiah College, students create weapons and shields out of duct tape and engage in a medieval-like battle on a lawn outside one of the college dormitories.  To be honest, I have never witnessed this storied Messiah College tradition, but I know that many of our history majors have participated in the Duct Tape War over the years.

This year Phil from Reckless Historians decided to write-up an account of the event.  Here is a taste:

After reforming the lines, we noticed a GREEN team in the woods. North and South agreed to meet at the middle of the field, shake hands, then do something rare. . . Fight together!  So we ran out, shook hands, then we turned as a united front and attacked the incoming Green Army.  The battle was hard fought.  Shield clashing, weapons smashing, people calling out for victory.  As that round ended the North/South Army returned to their side, as the Green took up the battle.  We then met one last time to duel against the armies.  The battle was fierce, my shield broke, but my club remained in tact.  Friends found friends to duel, and defended themselves valiantly.