Saturday, May 4, 2013

On the Road This Summer

This summer I will be spending a considerable amount of time writing, visiting archives, and doing some consulting work, but I have scheduled a few speaking engagements.

On June 17 and 19 I will be conducting a two-day seminar for school teachers on religion and the American founding.  If you are a school teacher within driving distance of Messiah College, I hope you will consider signing-up for this seminar.  We are almost full, but there are a few seats available.  All participants will get a free copy of Was America Founded as a Christian Nation: A Historical Introduction.

Later that week (June 21) I will be heading up to Newport, Rhode Island to participate on a panel on religion and the founders at the Newport Historical Society.  The panel is part of a year-long celebration of Roger Williams and religious toleration.  It will be good to touch base with my former student and research assistance Katie Garland, who has won a spot in the highly competitive and prestigious Newport Historical Society internship program.

On June 27 and 28 I will be in the Houston, TX area.  I will be doing a talk on Was America Founded as a Christian Nation at a local Baptist church, meeting with some history professors from Christian colleges and seminaries in Houston, and doing some teaching in Southwestern Baptist Seminary's program at a maximum security prison.

On July 14, I will be back with my friends at St. Peter's Presbyterian Church in Ocean City, New Jersey.  Check the blog for more details.

NOTE:  The Religion, Rebellion, and Founding Fathers tour (originally scheduled for June 5-8) that I have been advertising on the blog has been postponed.  Check the blog to find out when it will be rescheduled.