Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Souvenirs from Coney Island

If you love boardwalks, amusements, and working class entertainment, check out Jaya Saxena's recent post at New York History in which she discusses the New York Historical Society's collection of Coney Island souvenirs.  My favorite, the 1911 gambling wheel, is pictured to the left.  Here is a taste:

The gambling wheel above has got to be one of the coolest looking items at the New-York Historical Society.  Amusement park operators at Coney Island tried to keep gambling out, but people were still drawn to the bingo parlors, dart games, and to wheels like this one, made around 1911. These wheels distilled gambling down to a simple game of chance, without any complicated rules to learn beforehand. Perfect for a quick distraction before heading back to the beach.