Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Thank a Teacher Today

Today is National Teacher Day.  I want to thank a few of the teachers from the Mechanicsburg School District who have inspired my daughters in recent years:  Melissa Palese, Michael Rashid, Periann Smith, Tiffany Metzler, Melanie Walker, Christopher Rudisill, Rachel Nolt, Krista Rosensteel, Nathan Einsig, Michelle Shupp, and Allison Whitman.

I also want to thank all the pre-service teachers I have worked with.  They are all doing great work:  Wayne Kantz, Kim (Pearce) Johnson, Brian Womer, Becky (Clarke) Hanusa, Cheryl (Cliver) Alspach, Shawn Truppo, Andrew C. Miller, Dave Gilbert, Seth Ran, Jen Cline, Valerie (Weaver) Palmbach, Michelle Bennett, Caleb Benner, Zach Hoagland, Krystal Eglseder, and Heather Beaver.  (I am sure I am forgetting others).