Monday, May 20, 2013

Thankful for My Research Assistants

Megan Sullivan (l) and Katie Garland (r)
Over the last four years I have been blessed with two wonderful research assistants.  Katie Garland worked as my assistant for three years before heading off to pursue a M.A. in public history at UMASS.  I could not have been as productive as I have been during these years without Katie's hard work and support.  Her fingerprints are on nearly everything I have written and published over the past three years and they will continue be present in several future projects. Katie even wrote and managed the book proposal for Why Study History?: Reflections on the Importance of the Past.

This year Megan Sullivan stepped into the research assistant role without missing a beat.  Not only did Megan proofread the galleys for Why Study History, but she virtually lived in the Early American Imprints collection this year, gathering data on Presbyterians during the American Revolution.  Megan graduated from Messiah College on Saturday and will be heading to James Madison University in the fall to pursue an M.A. in American history with an emphasis in public history. 

Katie and Megan reunited Saturday and we could not resist this picture!  This summer Katie will be working as a Buchanan/Burnham intern at The Newport Historical Society and Megan will be working for the third straight summer as a living history interpreter at Harper's Ferry National Historical Park.

I am so very proud of both of these young ladies and I know they have bright futures ahead of them.