Friday, May 31, 2013

Top Tweets from the Opening Session of the #RevReborn Conference

After touting the American Revolution Reborn conference in Philadelphia this weekend, some last minute family issues emerged and I am unable to attend.  I have, however, been trying to follow the Twitter feed at #RevReborn.  Here are some interesting tweets from the opening session:

Marc Egnal pointed out how none of the papers really address the question of WHY there was a revolution.

F. Teute pointed out that neither the New Left or ideological historians of were able to figure out a way to deal with slavery.

Ed Countryman suggested that pop culture lacks an sense of the intensity of the moment of the AmRev, unlike the Civil War.

Funnest news of thus far? Samuel Adams Beer, the beverage of the revolution, is sponsoring saturday's activities.

Dan Richter - Moderator. We seem to focus on discursive violence all the time. What about actual violence? The war!

Gray - Thomas Paine did everything - including his architectural designs - with an eye toward republicanism.

Kamensky - No H-Net list for revolution, no DH project, no journals.

Kamensky would like to remove US from center of Rev. story. She believes that state formation only important to 1/3rd of pop.

Tom Slaughter would like to see debate on Rev, but scholars need to incorporate ideology in discussion of gender, class, slavery

Oxford Handbook to Am. Rev. has 632 pgs, not one is dedicated to Rev. ideology. Scholars suffer from “ideological fatigue.”

Bicentennial Scholarship was divisive. Revolution from Above vs. Revolution from Below.

has agreed to host a follow-up to in 2015. Great News.

will feature a bike horn, or “honker” to maintain order and announce session start.

Keep the tweets coming!