Friday, June 14, 2013

Covart's American Revolution Reborn Recap: Part 6

In her recent recap (5 of 6) of the recent American Revolution Reborn conference at Penn, Liz Covart covers the concluding panel featuring Brendan McConnville, Kathleen DuVal, Claudio Saint, Thomas Slaughter, and Alan Taylor.  Here is a taste of Covart's coverage:
Biggest Takeaway: Historians should view the Revolution as a great event that brought limited change to American society. 

Biggest Question: (Posed by Brendan McConville) If scholars decenter the political and ideological from their narratives of the Revolution, are they still talking about the Revolution?

Panel Summary: 

DuVal stated that the Revolution Reborn Conference has shown that historians have achieved their first goal: A denaturalization of the nation-state central narrative. Today, scholars look to tell the story of the Revolution by focusing on the people left out of the Revolutionary promise.

Saunt discussed 4 themes and subjects that the conference did not discuss:

1. Environment (Hsiung’s paper excepted)
2. Biology
3. GIS technology and how historians can apply it to study the Revolution.
4. Digital Humanities and how historians can use the scholarship of that field to explore the Revolution.

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Covart is now offering some final thoughts about the conference here and here.