Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Houston Bound

Darrington Unit, Barzoria County, TX
I am making my first trip to Houston this weekend.  The five day forecast is calling for temperatures in the mid-90s.  Oh boy!

My host for the weekend is John Wilsey, a church history professor at the Houston campus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.  I highly recommend John's book, One Nation Under God?: An Evangelical Critique of Christian America

On Friday I will be giving a talk on religion and the founding to a group of students enrolled in Southwestern's undergraduate program in a maximum security prison. (I have also never been to a maximum security prison). In the evening John has planned a dinner with some historians and church historians who teach at various schools in the Houston area. 

Saturday morning I will be discussing Was America Founded as a Christian Nation? at an "In God We Trust Revival" at North Oaks Baptist Church.  This should be interesting and fun.  Historians do not normally get invited to speak at "revivals."

I don't think the prison talk is open to the public :-), but the Northern Oaks Baptist Church talk certainly is.  I hope to see you there.

Stay tuned.