Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Liz Covart on "The American Revolution Reborn"

Liz Covart
Over at her excellent blog Uncommonplace Book, Liz Covart, history tweeter extraordinaire, is embarking on a six-part series recapping this past weekend's American Revolution Reborn Conference in Philadelphia.  Here is a taste of her first installment.

Moderator: Daniel Richter 

Discussants: Jane Kamensky & Edward Gray 

Biggest Takeaway: The ideological and social arguments of the American Revolution explain why the Revolution happened. Scholars must study how it happened to “rebirth” the study of the Revolution. 

Biggest Question: Should new scholarship ignore ideology or use it as a tool to get at how the Revolution happened and how contemporaries conducted the war and politics?

Read more here.  Since I had to miss the conference I am looking forward to Liz's thorough recaps.