Saturday, June 1, 2013

Top Tweets From Day 2 of #RevReborn Conference

I am not in Philly for this conference, but I am benefiting immensely from the conference Twitter feed at #RevReborn.  Here are some of the top tweets from Day 2.

Always a bad sign in Q&A: audience member takes the mike, taps it, turns to face audience, and asks, "is this thing on?"

Comments: Micro-histories need to go beyond individ people to discuss why certain people were disaffected & why others loyalists

Ulrich: Revolution is a destructive story, one that disrupts and effects the things people love most: people & property.

Another lesson from : if you are in philly giving paper on revolution and don't mention quakers, you will get called out.

We should come up with slogans to resurrect those poor neutrals. "Give me Liberty, or Allow Me to Remain Loyal!"

What would a narrative of the Am Revolution look like when we consider the fact that 3/5 of the American population was neutral?!

Loyalist woman in Kimberly Nath's research quoted as wanting to "just be a world citizen." Home versus longstanding loyalties.

Fogleman: Revolution was not particularly religious in its causes, but the Rev happened to a religious people.

Heyrman: transatlantic perspective indispensable to understand the impact of religion on the revolution

Colley: we must engage commonalities between UK and US. Both were liberty-loving Protestent empires battling Catholic Europe. 

Landsman: After independence no simple matter to disentangle Anglican Church from its American counterpart.

During discussion portion, Barbara Oberg was taunted with cries of "Tyrant!" from the balcony .  

here's a picture of Patrick Spero introducing "the honker" at

Kate Engle asks what would the Rev. look like if we look at it through the lens of Protestantism?